Available Programs

Vestal Virgins in Ancient RomeAward-Winning Author & Inspirational Speaker, Giselle Aguiar, is available for public speaking engagements on the following subjects:

  • The Growth of the Early Christian Church
    • Discover the roots of your faith and learn their evangelism techniques.
  • Women of the Early Church
    • Strengthen your own faith as you get to know the courageous, faithful women who overcame incredible odds.
  • Where Our Wedding Traditions Started
    • Did you know that our wedding rituals began with the Ancient Romans and the Greeks?
  • Historical Research for Fiction Writers
    • If you've ever thought about writing a historical novel, you need to do a lot of research - learn the best tools, how to organize your material & how the story falls into place.
  • Perseverance - "Up the Down Escalator"
    • Learn how to rise up when life is pushing you down.
  • Roman Mythology & Converting Pagans to Christianity
    • The first Christians did it then and today's missionaries do it now - learn how to convince someone that there's only 1 God.
  • Using Social Media for Evangelizing
    • Leverage the Power of the free Social Media tools to further the Gospel, the Great Commission and Kingdom Causes.

Any organizations and churches outside of the Metro Phoenix Area are requested to provide travel and lodging expenses.

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