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Seek The Truth - by Giselle Aguiar, Award-Winning, Christian Author

December 21, 2012 – Yellowstone’s Supervolcano

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2012 The Movie got this right.

Yellowstone National ParkThe bubbling hot caldera that causes Old Faithful to erupt and fascinate audiences is a supervolcano. It’s conical shape goes down into the earth rather than up like volcanoes we are familiar with like Vesuvius, Mt. Etna, Stromboli, Mt. St. Helens, Kilauea, etc.

This puppy’s ready to blow any day now. What can ignite it? Oh, increased solar activity, earthquakes, a change in the energy we get from the center of the solar system? When it does blow it will send a cloud of ash miles into the sky and that will blow east affecting the mid-western states first, then the East Coast of the U.S., Canada and eventually the whole world.

Pole Shifts and Pole Reversals

By the end of the 2012 Movie, the South Pole was located in Wisconsin. (Makes me stop and think what the weather would be like in Phoenix if that happens.) We’ve got all this molten lava moving around and exploding in Yellowstone – which will probably affect other volcanoes and cause more earthquakes. All this movement in the center of the earth could cause the poles to shift.

A pole reversal is the reversal of the magnetic field.1 This will cause compasses to point south instead of north.

There’s more. Lot’s more. I could go on and on.

Then we have Nostradamus

He had something to say about the end of the world but his prediction involves a comet and according to NASA, there aren’t any near us now or in the near future.

Then there’s Edgar Cayce, I Ching, Planet X and the Photon Belt.

“Mr. Worf, arm photon torpedoes!” A photon is the smallest unit of light or electromagnetic radiation that we can measure. There’s supposedly a nebula around the Pleiades constellation that is actually a photon belt which is moving towards Earth and we will encounter it in 2012. However, we currently do not have the technology to prove that it exist or to monitor it.2

In 2012, the stars will be in the same position as when Atlantis disappeared. Africa is cracking. The Cherokee calendar also ends on 12/21/12 and the Maori people of New Zealand also have 2012 prophesies.

Lawrence E. Joseph, author of “Apocalypse 2012: An Investigation into Civilization’s End” concludes:

“Those who prophesy doom usually claim to fear and loathe it and to pray that they are wrong. But I think doomsday has a profound if unspeakable allure for those who are unhappy with themselves, their society, their Maker. Accepting that doomsday is imminent provides the believer with immense satisfaction—that he or she possesses the most important knowledge in the world and that all other pursuits are trivial or misguided. It’s a form of vicarious revenge that anyone can take on life’s unfairness.”1

Next: What I think about all this….


1 Apocalypse 2012: An Investigation into Civilization’s End by Lawrence E. Joseph, 2007 Morgan Road Books
2 The Complete Idiot’s Guide to 2012, by Synthia Andrews and Colin Andrews, 2008 Alpha Books.

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