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Giselle Aguiar, Social Media Marketing Strategist, Training, Coach

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AZ Social Media Wiz - Giselle Aguiar, Social Media Marketing Strategist, Training, Coach

Social Media Marketing & WordPress Set-up & Training

What is Social Media Marketing? What is Inbound Marketing? What is Content Marketing? How does it all fit together? Help!

Here are 3 videos that will help you understand it all:

What is Inbound Marketing:

What is Content Marketing:

Understanding the Social Media Networks:

There are 10 steps to a social media marketing campaign:

  1. Analysis – reviewing your current marketing efforts – we offer a Free 30-minute Phone Consultation and Analysis: Contact us.
  2. Clearly define your target market’s persona
  3. How are you managing your social media marketing?Research – where is your target market hanging out online
  4. Strategic Plan
  5. Tactical Plan
  6. Set-up of WordPress blog and social media profiles
  7. Training – learn how each network works and the tools, tips and tricks to grow your following and manage all the social media in 30 minutes a day. We can show you how!
  8. Implementation – We can help you build a following with our 30-day Jump-start Following Builder Program!
  9. Create, curate and share content; build relationships
  10. Monitor and measure

Are you starting from scratch?
Or do you have some things done and just need some tweaking and optimizing?
Are you set-up but stuck on what do next?

There are several packages available which combine the services to get you set-up, trained, creating content and growing your following in a few weeks!

Click here for more info.

Giselle Aguiar
Social Media Marketing Specialist

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