My Inspiration

Herculaneum street
A street in Herculaneum preserved by Vesuvius

What inspired me to write a novel? A few things. I enjoy reading novels that are part of series. One day I found myself looking for a new series to start and couldn’t find one. So God put the thought in my mind: “Why don’t you write one?” I always thought I was a good writer. I took a few writing courses as part of the requisites in college and I’ve written a few articles for newsletters and restaurant reviews, but I never considered my self a professional writer. Then I thought – what should I write about?

I’ve always be fascinated with New Testament times – what would it have been like to live then and be part of the new Christian church? I’m a history buff so I started looking into church history and found the church’s amazing growth from Pentecost to what it is today is very rich.

In 1986 I had the opportunity to tour Italy on a rail pass, I visited Milan, Bologna, Florence, Pisa, Rome, Naples and Genoa. From Naples, I took day trips to Pompeii and Herculaneum and was so moved by the ruins and how the ancient Roman lifestyle was frozen in time. Visiting there one stepped back in time to 79 A.D. to minutes before the eruption of Vesuvius. Check out my pix at:

The title “Love in the First Century” came to mind – a story in each century! I started doing research and the story came together piece by piece as delved further into the Roman Empire and the Early Church. I also researched the whole publishing industry and how to write novels.

So, that’s how the “Christian Church Series” was born.  Heavenly inspiration – Soli Deo Gloria – to God alone be the Glory!

God Bless,

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