Confessions of a history buff

As I watched an A&E movie about the Revolutionary War this afternoon and they showed various locations, I remembered as a child visiting historic places with my parents. We’d take road trip vacations and go to places like Fort Ticonderoga. I think we’ve must have visited every place that claimed “George Washington slept here.”

Today, I received my pictures from my trip to Italy that were still at my Mom’s in Puerto Rico. When I moved from PR to Miami, I took the negatives with me. At least I thought I got them all. But looking through them, I was missing pictures of Pompeii. I knew I took took pictures in Pompeii. Well, I’ve got them. I’ll post them on my website and on Flicker this week.

I will never tire of watching historical movies or doing research. History has untold lessons to teach us. Hopefully we’ll learn from them otherwise we’ll repeat it.

God Bless,

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