In Case of Emergency

I heard a comic once: As a single person, I never know what to put when I have to fill in “number to call in case of emergency” – then it occurred to me: 911!

I don’t have an “in case of emergency” contact. I used to put my mom, but she’s in Puerto Rico and I’m in Phoenix. Tho I’d like for her to be notified if something happens to me, she’s not going to be able to get into my house to feed my cat!

So I came up with the idea and I’ve proposed this to my church. The church should act as the “in case of emergency” contact for singles. Especially those who don’t have family close by. The form should have next of kin contact, who has a key to your home, employer contact, if there are minor children, do you have a pet or pets that need attention, medical contacts and any other pertinent information, maybe even a copy of a living will.

It doesn’t matter how old you are. If you are in a car accident and are not coherent, if contact information is not with you, medical personnel don’t know who to contact or if you have children or pets to take care of. A neighbor or friend should always have an extra key to you home. And whoever your “in case of emergency” contact is, they must have that person’s number as well as your next of kin.

As singles, we think we are self-sufficient and our independent spirits sometimes find it difficult to ask for help. But we have to think about the other loved ones in our lives whether they live with us or are far away.

God Bless,
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