Developing an author platform online

Searching on Twitter (there’s more to Twitter than meets the eye), I found the site of a local (Scottsdale) Christian editor for Howard Publishing/now literary agent, Terry Whalin. I met him when I first moved here (that’ll be 5 years in Feb.) at a literary conference and I pitched my novel to him. It was just under 50,000 words at that time. He told me it was too short. I had to get closer to 80-100,000 words. I couldn’t fathom doubling the size of the story. I did manager to get it to 66,000 words and I’m still hearing “it’s too short”.

Anyway, perusing his site I came across and blog post on “author platforms” — another roadblock I’ve encountered. Who am I to write this? What makes me an expert? I don’t have a “following”. Worthy manuscripts have been rejected solely on the fact the the author is an unknown.

He gave advice for unknown writers on how to develop and author platform. One of the things he suggests is to write online. So I guess, I’m heading in the right direction. I have to build up a following. So far I have 34 Twitter followers and besides my friends – that I actually know – on Facebook, I have a few I’ve never met in person. I just picked up a following on my Singles Blog. (I think my article on 2012 helped.)

I’m unashamedly riding on the coattails of the 2012 movie. As the date approaches, there will be more talk, predictions, discussions, curiosity and maybe even a little panic. It’s my hope to not only reach “followers”, but if I plant just ONE SEED and I help lead someone to Christ. Then I have been successful. Amen.

I also started a series on my Examiner site about the true meaning of all those Christmas carols we hear and sing and really don’t pay attention to the words, why they were written and the message they are conveying.

I thank God for my creativity and all the inspirations and that I have the ability to “speak out” through the written word through a free tool like the Internet.

My latest “end times” article on Biblical prophecy

God Bless,

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