Online dating services – go Christian

The other night I was watching a late (after midnight) movie and a commercial came on for an online dating service – which I won’t mention because I refuse to give them publicity – but their tagline shocked me: “log in – hook up”. 

My first thought was “we Christians are fighting a losing battle – there’s just too much sex out there.” Then I remembered that God wins in the end. I thought it seems an impossible task to turn a sex-crased world into God-fearing, Christ-centered people. Then I remembered that nothing is impossible for God. 
Then I thought “there are going to be a lot of people in hell.” Yep. But we still have to try and reach as many people as we can. 
The best way to resist temptation is to avoid it in the first place. 
How do you do that? 
Hang out with Christians. You start behaving like the people you hang out with. 
Don’t watch movies with sexual content. Stay away from R-rated movies. Check to see why it was given the R rating. Ask yourself, would Jesus watch this? 
Read your Bible. God gave us instructions for living for a reason. He gave us free-will, but he wants us to make the right decisions, thus he laid it all out in the world’s best seller – the Bible. If you don’t own one, go online to or
Use the Christian dating services like My former roommate recently met her fiance there. 
I can do everything through Him who gives me strength. ~Philippians 4:13 
God Bless,
Giselle Aguiar
Soli Deo Gloria
Note: I am no longer the Phoenix Unchurched Singles Examiner. Those articles will stay live in their archives. 

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