After the Resurrection – part 1 – according to Matthew

In this series, I’ll review the days right after Jesus’ Resurrection as told in each of the four Gospels and the Book of Acts (The Acts of the Apostles).

Read: Matthew 28:8-20

Remember the women were the last ones at the cross…
and the first ones at the tomb.

In Matthew, the women are running after discovering the empty tomb to tell the male members of Jesus’ followers and suddenly Jesus appears in front of them. He allows them to touch Him to prove to them that He is alive. They fall to their knees and worship Him. They are the first to see the Living Christ.

He first comforts them by saying, “Do not be afraid.” Then He tells them to tell the brothers to go to Galilee that He would see them there.

Now, the Jews knew of the prophecy that supposedly the Messiah was to be raised from the dead so to make sure that Jesus’ followers didn’t steal His body during the night and then claim that He rose, Roman guards were stationed outside the tomb.

But when Jesus really did rise from the dead, the chief Jewish priests didn’t want a riot to start or admit that Jesus was the Messiah, consequently, they bribed the guards to say that the disciples stole the body. Hence, the rumor that Jesus didn’t really rise from the dead spread through the area.

The faithful disciples went to Galilee as directed, but did they really believe the women? All they could do is trust them and do what they said. I can imagine even Peter accusing the women of making up the story. But what choice did they have? If they stayed in Jerusalem, they feared that they may prosecuted as well.

When they got to Galilee, they saw Him and still some doubted that He was really alive. Yet, they worshiped Him. At this point is when Jesus tells them to go to all nations to make disciples of them.

ALL NATIONS – Jews and Gentiles alike – everyone.

Teach them to obey everything that He has commanded. (Love one another, etc.) He tells them (us) what to do – to go to non-believers – convince them to believe, baptize them and then they become a disciple – a follower of Jesus.

Then Jesus assures them that He would be with them (us – yeah you, too) always, until the end of the the age.

It’s a promise. Believe in Jesus and He will be with you forever.

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