devil angel - right wrong

The Devil Made Me Do It

That’s the excuse of the ages. Ever since the snake (devil) tempted Eve in the garden and Adam followed, the devil’s been tempting humankind in one way or another.

Temptations are Everywhere!

Jesus being tempted by the Devil. He didn’t
fall for it and neither should you.

As a single person, the devil dangles certain temptations in front of you constantly – the big one being Lust.

The best way to resist temptation is to avoid it in the first place.

How do you do that – especially when lust takes over in the heat of the moment? Avoid the heat.

It’s called a boundary, aka your front door. If you’re out on a date and you’re at the lady’s front door, stop there. Don’t go in. Not even for a quick drink or coffee. You’ll start in the kitchen, then want to sit somewhere that’s more comfortable. So you move to the living room couch. Before you know it, you’re necking, then the lady’s blouse is off…. Well, you know where that goes. Once the heat starts, it’s extremely difficult to stop.

Why stop? Why not go with the flow? Sex without love and a marital commitment is empty sex. Sex does not a relationship make.

Stop at the door. Period.

Another one – which also falls under the “lusts of the eye” is overeating. God provides sufficient food for survival (Matthew 6:25-27), but let’s face it, we all over do it. Food tastes good and is good, but too much is not. Again, avoid it. If it’s in your kitchen you’re going to eat it. Avoid the snack and candy aisle in the supermarket – if you don’t buy it, you won’t eat it.

If you’re feeling full, stop eating – push the plate away. Yes, it’s ok to throw food away – remember, God provides – and next time serve yourself less.

The other big temptation is laziness.

When you live alone, unless you just happen to be a clean freak, your logic is – no one’s going to see the mess – why clean it up? What happens is – force of habit. Bad habits stick around even when there’s someone else in the house. When you get married or move in with a roommate, those bad habits are sill there.

Before being tempted to just throw it on the floor, dump it in the sink, or toss it on the pile, stop and make the little extra effort to put it away where it belongs. You’ll actually save time in the long run if you pick up after yourself and not have to spend a whole day cleaning up.

If you’re a Christian, call on the Holy Spirit to give you the strength and the “fruit” of self-control. (Galatians 5:16-25).

If you’re not a Christian, one of the gifts from Jesus is the Holy Spirit living inside of you. The Spirit is Jesus’ messenger and counselor given freely to us when we accept Him as our savior. The Spirit is there for you to help you when you are most in need.


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