Adapting to change – a lesson from the Native Americans

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On a visit to the Pueblo Grande Museum and Archeological Park in Phoenix, I was impressed by this primitive society, the Hohokam Indians, and how they adapted to change.

Their Pueblo Grande (Large City) is located on the Salt River where they built canals to irrigate their crops and provide fresh water. The river changed frequently depending on the season, the snows up in northern Arizona, rainfall, floods and droughts. They had to rebuild the canals regularly.

The settlement dates from around 450 to 1400 AD when they seemed to just up and abandon their city. Why? Archeologists suggest that there many have been a flood that changed the area so much that they felt they could no longer live as they were accustomed and it was beyond their ability to rebuild.

We can learn a lesson from their tenacity, perseverance, persistence and courage. We don’t know much about their laws, but they respected their elders. I doubt very much that they resorted to stealing when times got tough. They probably didn’t get depressed, anxious or resort to committing suicide. They just dealt with the change.

We cannot control change.

Change happens and we can’t control it just like we can’t control the weather. Living in Florida, one learns to deal with hurricanes. You hunker down and when it’s over, you open the doors and deal with the damage. If you get tired of dealing with the aftermath of those pesky storms, you can always move to Arizona.

But there is one entity that never changes – God.

God is always there – everlasting, all-knowing, all-powerful and everywhere. You can depend on God.

Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. ~1 Peter 5:6

In due time – that’s the important phrase. It’s not in our timeline, but in His. There is a reason why we go through trials. God expects us to learn from our trials, mistakes, sins and suffering. He expects us to adapt to change, to take risks, and He expects us to ask Him for help.

That’s where WWJD? comes in. If you find yourself having to an unexpected change in your life reading:

Matthew 6:19-34
Psalm 40
Psalm 24
Romans 5:2-5
Philippians 4:4-7
Psalm 18:2
Psalm 37:4
John 2:15-17
Peter 1:6-7
Corinthians 4:18

God Bless!
Giselle Aguiar
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