An all-knowing God vs. free will

If God gave humans free will, then what about this super “plan” God has for humanity?

Well, here’s how that works.

God is all-knowing. He knows what each of us has done and what we’re going to do even before we do it.How? Because He’s God.

Let’s take the example of a person standing at a fork in his life journey. Path A is what God’s will for this person is. Path B is the devil’s temptation. Where Path A looks normal, Path B looks sunnier, smoother, like there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

So, what’s our friend to do? What God wants him to do is to stop and pray and ask Him for direction and guidance. But instead of asking, “Which way should I go, Lord?” He should ask, “Which way do you want me to go where I can do your will, Lord?”

God knows exactly what will happen if he takes Path B and He knows what will happen if he takes Path A. When the man stops and asks God for help, God will nudge him towards Path A. 

At the same time, the devil will be pulling him and enticing him to take Path B. 

Now, the man needs to ask God for discernment. “Which is the right way, Lord?”

If the man falls for the devil’s too-good-to-be-true Path B, God will be saddened. Every time we do something on our own without asking God for guidance and we choose the wrong way, God’s heart is broken. 

But God rejoices when we hear what His will is for our lives and follow that path. 

How do you know when God is talking to you and telling you what His will is for your life? 

Through prayer. Ask Him, then shut up and listen. You may get an idea, an Epiphany or the phone may ring and it’s a Christian friend who helps you. Sometimes God makes you wait for an answer. You can find answers in the Bible. That’s it’s what it’s for.

Maybe it’s reading a book like – The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. Or listening to Christian radio (http://myflr.orghttp://www.klove.comor watching TBN or going to church and hearing a message that really hits home for you. Most bible-based churches offer classes and small groups to help you grow closer to God and understand what the bible is trying to tell you.

God Bless,
Soli Deo Gloria!
Giselle Aguiar
Award Winning Christian Author
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