The Butterfly Effect

At the Women of Faith Conference in Sept. I listened to Andy Andrews explain the “Butterfly Effect” and I had an “a-ha” moment.

The week before in our small group Bible Study, a friend had mentioned that she wasn’t sure if she had made a difference in the world. I knew then what to say to her.

The “Butterfly Effect” is physics term. The idea being that when a butterfly flaps its wings, it sets air molecules in motion. Those molecules move other molecules and eventually causes weather, a storm, in some other part of the world.

This theory was eventually proven, but what got me thinking was the effect that we as individuals have in other people’s lives and outcomes of situations.

I just read Andy Andrews’ book “The Final Summit” (Review) and it describes how several people in history made certain decisions at the right moments and changed the outcome of a situation. If it had not been for that change, other things would not have happened.

As Christians, we have the power of the Holy Spirit to help us change outcomes, to change people’s lives, to make a difference.

Every time you comfort a friend or just listen to their problems, you are making a difference in their lives. Each time you help someone and don’t expect anything in return, you’ve affected how they view humanity. Sometimes you don’t even realized you did it.

The perfect example of this is the favorite Christmas flick, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Had Jimmy Stewart’s character not saved his brother from the icy lake, the brother would not have become a WWII hero and save the lives of his squadron.

As Christians, we carry the light of Christ in us. He told us, “You are the light of the world. You are the salt of the earth.” (Matthew 5:12-14)

Every life that we touch we influence even if it’s just a smile. 🙂

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