NO ONE is Immune to Temptation

The organization StreetLight Phoenix (Now StreetLight USA) has a special meaning for me ever since my novel, Deo Volente! (God Willing): Love in the First Century won the Women of Faith writing contest last year and was published. The novel is set in the Roman Empire. StreetLight PhoenixSlavery was a major part of the Roman nobility lifestyle. Slaves usually came from countries the Romans conquered and were sold at auctions all over the empire.

The United States is known for its own history of slavery which triggered the Civil War and led to the 13th Amendment to abolish slavery.

Sex + Money logoIn today’s world, human trafficking and sex slavery is the 2nd largest trafficking crime in the world next to drugs. (Guns are 3rd) It is more prevalent in Asian and African countries. Film producer Morgan Perry and a group of her university friends journeyed on a mission around the world to document human trafficking in a book: Sex + Money – A Global Search for Human Worth and discovered that the problem exists right here in the U.S. in our backyards.

They then embarked on a cross-country RV expedition to document the immense problem in the U.S. and the result was the powerful 90-minute documentary, Sex + Money – A National Search for Human Worth. Here’s the trailer:

The movie features testimonials from former child sex trafficking victims, pimps, buyers (johns) as well as people involved in the porn industry, police, doctors, therapists, government officials — all exposing the gruesome reality that child prostitution is a prospering business all over America.

The testimony that blew me away was that of a former pastor who actually partook of the services of a child prostitute. On his way to Christmas Eve services at his church, he stops to give a girl a ride and she propositions him for $20 – the exact amount of money he had with him for that night’s offering. Why did he succumb to the temptation? Because he was already addicted to pornography. Viewing porn on the Internet in secret – hidden from his wife and kids – he developed fantasies that this seemingly innocent-looking girl brought to life. And this was not his first and only purchase.

Now, thank God, he runs an organization that helps men get out of the porn addiction and to stop buying child prostitutes.

If a pastor, a godly man, can fall prey to the devil’s temptations, anyone can.

The problem is that unlike drugs or guns, which once they are sold, they need to make or get more of them, a child’s body can be sold over and over again. The money is too good and easy to make. The former pimp they interviewed said that each girl had to bring home $500 a night or she would not be allowed in. You do the math.

How do we begin to put a stop to this?

By taking a stand and becoming an abolitionist. 

How is this a WWJD? post?

Since NO ONE is immune to temptation, when we are tempted and even the most righteous Christian is, we need to stop and ask ourselves, if Jesus were here, would he do this? Would he aprove of my doing it? Would he be ashamed? Disappointed?

Is what you’re watching on TV Christ-worthy?

I caught a bit of the very popular, Emmy-award-winning series, Mad Men on AMC last night. They were showing one of the episodes from the very first season. The show depicts the lives of the men and women who work in an advertising agency on Madison Ave. in New York in the early 1960s – glamorizing greed, extramarital sex, cheating, lying and sexual harassment. I shut it off at the bedroom scene of one of male characters cheating on his wife during a quickie lunchtime rendez-vous.

I stopped watching two relatively new crime dramas (which are my favorite type of TV shows), Body of Proof and Rizzolli and Isles because I couldn’t stand the slutty behavior of the powerful, lead female characters.

Why do the script writers and producers have to put so much sex into prime time TV?

Sex sells. Well we have to STOP BUYING IT!!!

Before you turn it on, click on it, pick it up, open it, flip through it, watch it, imagine Jesus sitting next to you.  Would He approve? He’s watching you, you know. He IS sitting next to you.

Like what you read? Then you’ll love my award-winning Christian novel: Deo Volente! (God Willing): Love in the First Century a historical novel about the early church check it out! $1 from the sale of each book – no matter what format, benefits StreetLight Phoenix to help eradicate child sex slavery.
Great Blessings!
Soli Deo Gloria!
Giselle Aguiar
Award-Winning Christian Author
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