Bible Prophecy Links

In case you were wondering, here is a list of the people that I follow when it comes to end times prophecies. I’ve researched ALL and these are the folks that make the most sense to me and I hope to you. If you are curious about the end of the world as it is prophesied in the Bible, then you want to check out these preachers. Some are YouTube and Rumble channels, some are websites with lots of free Bible studies. Most of these also have podcasts. In no particular order…

Christian Prophetic Teachers

Note: Many of these teachers have had their YouTube channels shadow banned, their videos deleted and many have migrated to other channels like Rumble, Gab or directly on their websites. The links go to their respective websites or Rumble.

Jimmy DeYoung – Prophecy Today

August 15, 2021, we mourn the loss of one of Bible Prophecy’s shining lights, Jimmy DeYoung passed away this morning. I pray for his family and send my condolences. Well done, good and faithful servant! We’ll see you in Heaven! His two sons are keeping the ministry going!

Alpha & Omega Productions

Ambassadors of Christ Network (AoC)

Behold Israel with Amir Tsarfati

Pastor Brandon Holthaus – Rock Harbor Church

He happens to be a former Catholic!


Stand to Reason

Stand Up For The Truth

Left Behind After the Rapture Series

More End Times and Last Days Studies…

Here are several blog posts that I’ve done explaining why we are living in the end times and that if you’re not a born-again Christian believer, you will be left behind to face the Great Tribulation!…

Will YOU be Left Behind?

To be sure, you need JESUS!

If you’re not sure if you’re saved or not, if you truly want to be born again and have the assurance of salvation, receive the Holy Spirit, and get a 1-way, non-stop ticket to Heaven after you die, or that you won’t be left behind at the Rapture, which can happen at any moment, this is what you have to do…

Invite Jesus into Your Heart and Receive the Gift of Grace and the Confident Hope of
Eternal Life…

Soli Deo Gloria! To God Alone Be the Glory!