Time to hit the hiking trails

Thanksgiving’s over. I didn’t overeat, but now it’s time to really concentrate on my goal to lose 10 more lbs by Christmas. Wed. I watched The Biggest Loser "Where are they now?" and was motivated to join the Biggest Loser League. http://tbll.nbc.com I’m off to hike the Lookout Mtn Circumference. 2.6 miles. If I lose weight, I alleviate my arthritis and asthma. Being healthy is my goal. And I’m going to do it!

Here are pix of that hike from last month.



How long will it take for us to feel the benefits of the end of the recession?

One of the groups I belong to on Brightfuse asked this question. Here’s my reply:

I’m in Phoenix, AZ. It’s really bad over here. A job I interviewed for last week let me know that they’re not filling to position till after the new year. They say that there are 6 unemployed people for each open position. Then how come every employer or hiring manager I talk to says that they get 200-300 resumes for 1 position.

A friend of mine got laid off last week from her state job of 36 years (no severance, no pension). AZ unemployment rate was 9.3% in Oct. I can’t see the economy improving until people get jobs. They cut back on spending (cash and credit), thus the states don’t get taxes and they’re having problems. AZ has been trying to balance their budget since the beginning of the year.

A friend of mine back in FL where I moved from 5 years ago wants me to move back there. FL is just as bad as AZ. Another friend over there has been unemployed since they closed CompUSA stores in May of 2007.

Another friend in NY (upstate in NYC suburbs) was laid off from a customer service job almost 2 years ago. She hasn’t even been able to get a call center position.

My mom lives in San Juan, Puerto Rico. My absolute worst comes to worst scenario is selling everything and moving back there only because I wouldn’t have to pay rent. Unemployment there is 15.6% (Oct.) – it went down from 16.5% in August. That actually sounds encouraging. Must be the approaching tourist season.

If it weren’t for the government’s extensions to the unemployed, I’d be packing for the move to PR. I’ve got a few more weeks to find a job. Maybe (or probably) I’ll still be available for that one job in Jan.

Only God knows. I put my trust in Him.

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