Special In-Depth Bible Studies

To grow in your relationship with Jesus, you need to not just read the Bible every day, you need to STUDY IT! These studies cover a variety of Christian doctrine, biblical prophecies, Gospel truths and more…

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The Book of Acts of the Apostles

What happened after Jesus ascended into Heaven? How did the Christian Church start? What happened to the disciples? What did they go through trying to preach the Good News of Jesus’ true salvation? Learn this and more as you walk in the steps of the Apostles on their divine mission to spread the Gospel.

The Book of Galatians

The Book of Galatians

The Epistle to the Galatians was the first letter that the Apostle Paul wrote to one of the churches he had started. Here we find the Fruit of the Spirit.

The Gospel of John

Walk in the steps of Jesus in this in-depth Bible Study on the Good News as written by the Apostle John.

The Apostles’ Creed

A deconstruction of the Apostles’ or Nicene Creed and what Christians profess to believe.

Holy Week starts in Triumph and Finishes in Triumph

A Walk Through Holy Week from Palm Sunday to Easter

The Book of James

What did Jesus’ younger brother have to say to the believers that is pertinent to us today?

The Book of Hebrews

Not just for Jews! This book explains how Jesus fulfills all of the Old Testament prophecies. It explains exactly WHO Jesus is.

Thanksgiving Every Day!

The Gospel of Matthew

Get to know the Jewish Jesus and how He came to change the World!

The Gospel of Luke

It starts with the Christmas story, then investigative reporter, Luke, covers the Good News — the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Salvation.


Jesus in the Old Testament Part 5

The last of the “Torah” or the Books of Moses. Here Moses gives a pep talk to the new generation who gets to finally enter the Promised Land — Israel. Again, Jesus is featured throughout the book.

1 and 2 Samuel and Psalms

Jesus in the Old Testament Part 9

The Israelites wanted a king just like all their neighboring pagan nations had. Well, God gave them what they wanted. Meed Samuel, Saul, David, and Nathan. Discover how all these people reveal Jesus, the Messiah.

In addition, we will start going through the Old Testament books in Historical Order, which include some Psalms, written by David, mixed in…

The Book of Romans

An in-depth study on the main doctrines and beliefs of Christianity — the Gospel Truth.

22 Benefits of Salvation (Besides Heaven)

A series of podcasts highlighting the benefits of the true salvation of Jesus Christ found through nothing and no one else.

Where the Roman Catholic Church went Wrong

An eye-opening, deep-dive to reveal where and when the church strayed from the Gospel Truth. You’ll be surprised!


Paul’s letter to the Philippians is a source of joy and peace to help you get you through whatever life brings you!

After the Rapture: Could You Be Left Behind to Survive the Great Tribulation?

This is a series of possible, fictional scenarios of what it would be like after the Rapture of the born-again Christians. What will happen in the Rapture is all the true, saved, Christian believers will disappear as Jesus calls them up to heaven.

How Should Christians Vote?

5 Hot Topics still relevant today!… Remember this for next time — and don’t forget local elections count, too!

  1. The Sanctity of Life
  2. Sexuality
  3. Liberty/Freedom
  4. Dignity
  5. History

1 John

1 John

1 and 2 Thessalonians

Jesus is coming soon! Paul tells us how it will all happen in these 2 letters, including the Rapture, and the Antichrist.


Jesus in the Old Testament Part 3

Here, God, through Moses, lays down the law to the Israelites, build the first pop-up church and gets them ready for the journey to the Promised Land.

Jesus in the Book of Numbers Bible Study


Jesus in the Old Testament Part 4

The Israelites finally make it to the Promised Land and they blow it and have to face the consequences. See how Jesus, our Messiah and Savior, is revealed in the Old Testament.


Jesus in the Old Testament Part 7

This is one messy book. The Israelites fall into a vicious cycle that turns into a downward spiral as they are drawn into idolatry. This angers God who is a jealous God. Yes, we find Jesus in this book, but the people seem to prefer to worship the false gods of the local pagans. Find out what happens when a people turn away from God.


Jesus in the Old Testament Part 10

We all want wisdom. We all NEED wisdom. Here in Ecclesiastes, King Solomon, considered the wisest man who ever lived, contemplates life, knowledge, success, pleasure, and work. It’s the Bible book on the Philosophy of Life. There’s no better book from which to reflect on YOUR life. Let’s dig in…

The Book of Revelation

Easy to understand Bible Prophecy explained covering the end times, heaven, the mark of the beast and the Antichrist.

The Book of Ephesians

Here Paul explains what it means to be a born-again believer and how it changes your life for the better. Here we find the Armor of God.

The Letter to the Colossians

Paul explains what true Christian living looks like.

1 Peter

1 and 2 Peter

The Apostle Peter, clearly explains how Christians should behave and live.

1 Corinthians

1 Corinthians

2 Corinthians

Special Sunday Series

For the whole year!


Titus was one of Paul’s disciples. This is one of Paul’s final letters, written from prison in Rome.

A Walk Through Holy Week

Walk with Jesus and His disciples from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday.


Jesus in the Old Testament Part 1

God created and man messed it up. Learn how Jesus is revealed in every part of the 1st book of the Bible.


Jesus in the Old Testament Part 2

See how God kept His promise to the Hebrews and freed them from slavery in Egypt and how Jesus is revealed in the Old Testament.


Jesus in the Old Testament Part 6

Joshua is the new leader of the Israelites called to be strong and courageous as he leads them in to the Promised Land. The adventure begins!


Jesus in the Old Testament Part 8

There’s a love story in the Bible?! Yes! Showing that God loves us and keeps His Promises! In this short book, God shows us how He uses a foreigner — a pagan — to continue the lineage to King David and finally Jesus, Yeshua Ha-Mashiach — our Messiah!

The more I studied the Bible, the more I realized that every single book—from Genesis to Revelation—all point to Jesus. Start at the very beginning of creation and see that God’s Story is our story.

Current and Upcoming Studies:

  1. Isaiah
  2. Obadiah
  3. Zephaniah
  4. Joel
  5. Daniel
  6. Jeremiah
  7. Habakkuk
  8. Ezekiel
  9. Esther
  10. Ezra
  11. Nehemiah
  12. Haggai
  13. Zechariah
  14. Malachi
  15. 1 and 2 Chronicles
  16. Job
  17. (Break for Lent (March 2) to do Mark)

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