Thoughts & Notes on Donald Trump in Phoenix

At the Donald Trump Rally in Phoenix 7/11

Me at the Donald Trump Rally in Phoenix 7/11

I went to see Donald Trump in Phoenix live at the Phoenix Convention Center today. I took the LightRail down and walked over, stood in the line that wrapped around the building for about an hour then stood through the whole thing – no seating. The only seating was for the “VIPs” – probably members of the The Republican Party of Maricopa County. (I’d put a link to their website, but sadly, it’s not a very good website. Maybe I should offer them my services – for a fee.)

My interest in seeing what Mr. Trump had to stay stems from my own Latina background (I’m Puerto Rican – my “immigrant” story is yet to come) and my experience in getting to know a few illegal Mexicans while living here in Phoenix for 10 years. (That’s another story.) I wanted to hear what Mr. Trump plan is to fix the problem of immigration as a whole.

Donald Trump in Phoenix 7.11.15 courtesy of Fox 10 Phoenix

Donald Trump in Phoenix 7.11.15 courtesy of Fox 10 Phoenix

The only “answer” I heard was that he would charge Mexico $100,000 for every illegal person they sent over. Now that’s assuming that the Mexican government is really “sending them over” and these people aren’t coming over on their own.

He did say he would make immigration “easier and faster”. How is yet to be determined.

He mentioned that he was tied in the polls for first place with Jeb Bush. Then he said that while Jeb was governor of Florida, there were 5 sanctuary cities. (Related article: Forget Sanctuary Cities, Florida has 7 Sanctuary Counties).

To make our country great again we have to create borders otherwise we don’t have a country.

Here’s his full speech courtesy of Fox 10 Phoenix.

Here are some of my notes:

The American Dream is dead but I’m going to make it bigger, better, stronger.

Ford is building a plant in Mexico rather than in Tennessee. “President Trump” would charge Ford…

35% for every car, truck and part you send over.

On the Iran “negotiations” he’d get our hostages back from Iran before making a deal with them. (I agree.)

He’s disappointment in the Republican Party – they “talk and talk and do nothing”. (I agree.)

I want jobs in the United States.

We have to take care of our Veterans. Our Veterans are being treated as 3rd class citizens.

We have to get rid of Obamacare. We’ve got to repeal it and replace it with something good.

In 2004, Trump said not to invade Iraq. (I was against that.)

We want a military so strong that we’d never have to use it. …Don’t mess with the U.S.
ISIS would be ins such trouble!… I would take them out so fast!
These people [ISIS] make Saddam Hussain look like a choir boy!

People started cutting up their Macy’s credit cards when Macy’s dropped the Donald Trump line.

The Silent Majority is back and we are going to make America great again!

I like him. He doesn’t hold back. He will be respected. He won’t back down. He knows how to negotiate. He can definitely fix the economy and bring jobs back home. I still want to see HOW he’s going to fix the immigration problem.

However, I’m not going to support him fully yet. I want to hear Ben Carson and Ted Cruz next. Talking to some folks on line and in the train we discussed a Trump/Carson ticket. Now that would be a first! Neither are politicians. What do you think? Comment below, but keep it clean and be nice.